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Choudhury and Asssociates is a money management firm headquartered in Bend, Oregon offering custom portfolio management to its clients.

By focusing on its clients’ financial goals, while applying disciplined money management strategies, Sundowner provides your portfolio a powerful source of financial expertise through:

Choudhury and Asssociates

Why choose us

Financial Goal Identification

Together with our client, Choudhury and Asssociates creates a financial needs assessment, identifies goals and tolerance for market risk.

Active Portfolio Management

With Choudhury and Asssociates, you’re not just an account number. Each day your holdings are monitored to ensure your financial goals are on track.

Ongoing Communication

Communication with our clients is key to our mutual success. With portfolio management by Choudhury and Asssociates.


What our clients says?

Antonio GarciaFrom Mexico

My relationship with Choudhury and Associates goes back to the firm’s inception. The culture here has always been defined by an appreciation for individuals, a commitment to excellence with a focus on strategic issues, impatience with the status quo, a drive for practical solutions, and respect for operating expertise

Alejandro Cabezut From Los Angeles

Choudhury and Asssociates has helped us execute an aggressive strategy that has built our company into an industry leader. Choudhury and Asssociates relentless commitment towards investing in growth enabled us to accomplish in the first year of the partnership what could have otherwise taken several years.

Julian MacQueenFrom New York

Choudhury and Asssociates is a highly active participant in the value creation process. They help us step away from the daily operations of the business to look at what we need strategically to grow over the long-term. With Choudhury and Asssociates resources and support, the process has been seamless from planning through implementation.

Billy BrownFrom Texas

Choudhury and Asssociates brings a tremendous amount of healthcare expertise and resources to the table, whether it be actively engaged operating partners, senior relationships at large healthcare companies, or support with human capital efforts.

Rochelle Hunter MosleyFrom UK

With the other lenders I’ve dealt with, I could never get a straight answer on what it was going to take to borrow money, and exactly what it would take for me to pay it back. With Choudhury and Asssociates , it was awesome. Every question was answered, there was no red tape, it was straight to the facts… they understand small business.

Nikesh ShahFrom India

I already had an existing re rolling mills in another city, and an opportunity came to expand. We tried to go through traditional banks and private lenders, but unfortunately, the experience was very difficult and the terms were even harder. I called Choudhury and Asssociates , and within two days I was able to get the funds that I needed. We were able to improve our business and the process was very, very easy.

Kris PatelFrom Austria

I turned to Choudhury and Asssociates because it seemed as though it was going to be easy, and it turned out to be quite simple. Applying for bank loans can be very time-consuming and intensive, and I thought this would be a great new way to get capital. We had just received a new commission for a pretty large hotel project and road project, and I was able to feel comfortable hiring staff and buying equipment that we needed. I found it super effective for us, and would recommend Choudhury and Asssociates to other architects or business owners in a heartbeat.